Hello Pete
It was real pleasure to receive your kind mail.
I have only 67 springs, and with my granddaughter and friends I’m in a band completely traditional bluegrass and classic songs of that genre. We may be the only group that made ​​exclusively bluegrass.

We, Banjo, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar (my granddaughter 8 years), violin, another acoustic guitar and acoustic bass.
If you want to laugh a little, you can see our first test with the violin. In youtube “Red River Valley-JL-Buenos Aires-1er Ensayo.”

In the Province of Buenos Aires, in the city of San Pedro, 29 and 30 September is the Country Music Festival XIII, with the participation of several bands, (but none is completely traditional as ours), you can see on youtube something about it.

Well, get a hug from the ground to the south of the world, God bless you and give you good luck in your job,

Jose Luis.
(I understand the English language but I encourage you to write, use the translator, sorry if it is not very well translated).